Dixie Chopper Lawn Mowers

TSI Trailers is proud to be an authorized Dixie Chopper Dallas and North Texas Lawn Mower Dealer.

Dixie Chopper Dallas

You can be rest assured that TSI has the largest selection of Dixie Chopper Mowers in Dallas and all of North Texas!

The founder of Dixie Chopper, Art Evans, shook up the lawn and garden business by creating the the 1st Dixie Chopper back in 1980.

Mr. Evans built his mowers based on 3 key elements: Speed, Quality and Reliability.

Every year, Dixie Chopper continues to innovate and continues to come out with incredible, durable and unique American made “Zero-turn” mowers.  Dixie Chopper is unmatched in in unique features, numerous patented inventions and an very diverse product line.  Combine this with the fact that Dixie Chopper offers a 5 year “Bumper to Bumper” warranty as well as a “lifetime warranty” on the stainless steel fenders, ensuring that your Dixie Chopper with be around for as long as you are!

Dixie Chopper also leads the industry with the highest Horsepower option available!  With our XCaliber model boasting a HUGE 54 Horsepower, a twin engine configuration, no one even comes close to touching our power!

The Dixie Chopper offers the X2 Cutting System, that features a “Wind Tunnel” design that produces an unmatched quality cut.  With the highest blade tip speeds, vacuum, discharge and an industry leading 2 inch blade overlap, the Dixie Chopper X2 deck is “simply the best” cutting deck in the industry!  With this type of cutting technology, high horsepower output, we have mowers that can cut up to 6.5 Acres Per Hour!  Whatever you need to mow, we have you covered!

Give us  TSI a call at 903-482-9335 or come by our Dixie Chopper Dallas and North Texas showroom and let us get you setup with the king of all mowers.. the Dixie Chopper!

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